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The Max Comfort Apple Bag, Give Your Computer the Max Protection.

Length:33.5cm Width:23cm Thickness: 3.5cm

(Prefect for a 13inch Macbook)

Filled by Down and Space Cotton.

Along with a soft apple charm.

Soft Apple Computer Bag

  • 请勿机洗,请勿不甩干直接阳光直晒,请温柔的手洗,过水甩干后自然晾干。
    If the bag accidentally get dirty, use a towel and scrub with a small amount of detergent. 
    Please dry-clean or wash with gentle hands.
    Please do not put it into washing machine.
    Please avoid direct sun-dry.

  • 1413软苹果电脑包由手工制作而成,线头和褶皱情况均为正常现象。

    The 1413 soft apple bag is made by hand. It is common to see thread and folds. Once the product is sold, it will not be returned or replaced without serious quality problems.

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