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Featuring: Shuhua Xiong, Ramona Wang, Jacob Jesse Perez, Murrie Rosenfeld, LB3, Zhang Yue, Weiyi Li, Xiaohang Qiu, Meiting Song, Jimbo Tan...


  • When typing: Why Chinese___ in Google, the first thing that pops up is Why Chinese drink hot water. Similarly, when thinking about how modern Chinese take care of themselves, the first thing comes to mind is always drinking hot water. It is the ultimate cure to every single minor ailment and pain: Stomachache? Drink more hot water. Dizzy? Drink more hot water. Caught a cold? Drink more hot water... ... Why? Why do we love love drinking hot water? Hoping to answer such questions, here comes our new issue #WELLNESS

  • Size: 240 x 315 mm

    Pages: 153p

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