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“Photo Shop” is our small project aside from 1413MAGAZINE. We will use Adobe Photoshop to recreate a series of images according to different topics. This series is only made by images.
<Photo Shop VOL.01 - Family Memories> By reusing and redesigning the same photo, this album is a collection showcase of family photo souvenirs.



Photo Shop - 相片小铺,是1413 MAGAZINE新的小项目。我们会在不同的主题下,通过使用Photoshop对图像进行二次创作, 此系列有且只由图像组成。

《Photo Shop VOL.01- 家庭留念》- 全家福纪念品合集相册


  • The cover is coated with glossy heart shape lamination♡♡♡

    -Cover Size: W165mm x H195mm 
    -Page Size:W135mm x H165mm
    -Full-Color Print
    -22 Pages

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